Dear brothers and sisters,

I have been a libertarian for many years. I donated to the Ron Paul campaign. My ideology is congruent with the party platform.

However, to successfully win an election against U S Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2018 I have had to register as Republican. Even still, in Massachusetts that is already an underdog challenge.

I know that fusion voting is illegal in Massachusetts. However, I know that libertarians are the smartest and politically active challengers to the corrupt status quo. I need the guidance and support of the party. I know I am fighting a political machinery. Please endorse my candidacy and ensure I am elected to represent a unification of constituent interests rather than the self serving political interests.

Our forefathers, in drafting the constitution, intended term limits to prevent corruption. A bill in 1994 to limit terms of U S Congress was narrowly defeated. In office, I intend to work diligently with law makers to make that bill into law. Political homesteading is contrary to the spirit of our constitution. It discourages political involvement.

Please help me make appropriate changes.

Heidi M Wellman

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