Campaign Goals

Term limits for US Congress.

A maximum of two terms for US Senators and four terms for US House Representatives. I know the old argument regarding a congressman needing seniority and influence but if we limit the extent of it I strongly believe we will see a decrease in cronyism. The population wants it and if a person can't make a difference in 6 years time, then I believe it would be time for a new replacement anyway. If we take away the lure of corruption and cronyism we may find MORE people willing to run for office. Average folk like you and I.

Accountability of current program funds.

We need a position created to read through and determine if all of the money we are spending on programs is well managed. I don't believe in cutting budgets or programs but in creating accountability. If we lower the tax rate for corporations to encourage more business, we need accountability and evidence that the money saved is being reinvested into labor and creating jobs and not being turned into profit for a few.

A national gun license initiative.

I have friends who live in Vermont who cannot carry guns across the border into Massachusetts. I plan to get a gun license myself and advocate in favor of our second amendment rights. I believe that a licensed and trained gun owner should be able to cross state lines without having to be fluent in the gun laws of each state as it pertains to our federal rights. I have spoken with a number of veterans and they agree with me on this topic. I'd like to see more outreach programs for our veterans to avoid the same situation post World War 1. It is becoming an increasing problem that our veterans feel they have less support than immigration recipients.


Why are the majority of immigrants arriving as refugees single men of military age? We need to give our departments resources and authority to do their job.

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